Awaken and Become

  Watch and listen to inspirational recordings of some of the clearest Channeled material available on earth. Observe a stage 7 full body Channel as Spirit Masters take complete control of her body in order to deliver clear, powerful information from the spirit world directly to you.

  Come and join us. Listen to the lessons of Alex, Rove and other Channeled beings as they articulate and navigate the sign posts along the path to your Higher Self. This moment is the doorway to freedom from suffering and the realization of truth. It is the path to true joy, happiness and enlightenment where you can Awaken and Become what you truly are. It is possible, you simply have to be.

Watch and listen to one of the most amazing spiritual Channels on earth.
This site offers hundreds of videos of a stage 7 full body Channel.
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Alex - A sample audio 1. Alex - A sample audio 2. Rove - A sample audio 1. Rove - A sample audio 2.

Its All About Energy: Spirit Guide Connections - Volume 1
Spirit Guide Connections Volume 1
Available on iTunes

The first of a collection of wonderful guided meditations from It's All About Energy's ISIStudio. Each meditation is unique. Each is written by an Ascended Master and is designed to create meaningful and lasting contact between the listener and their own Spirit Guides.
The Colors Of Your Soul Lightning Strikes Twice
The Colors of Your Soul
Available on iTunes

  A beautiful collection of original compositions featuring the music of BB Thomas. Click on the link and listen to a preview of their featured song: 2012 - from the iTunes website.
Getting To Know Your Spirit Guides
Workshop DVD
A Practical Hands-on Method To Opening Contact With Your Spirit Guides

An innovative video workshop experience designed using tried and true methods to help you make a clear and permanent connection with your Spirit Guides.

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